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Wave Goodbye before you Say Hello…

sayhello Goldie says ‘hello’ to a member of the group helping her to move forward.

This month a well cared for  sow came into our care. However, when she was introduced to others she became very defensive and acted out of character. After speaking to her previous owners about the how they handled the death of their other guinea pig it became apparent that this sow wasn’t aware of what had happened and hadn’t acknowledged her sister’s death which would allow her to move forward. Her sister was taken to the vets and and put to sleep. Ideally the surviving sister would have gone with her and the body returned to her, this would have lessened any anxiety.

There is, of course, nothing that can change this and the situation must move forward and the sow needs to go forward with her life too, it is useful though to know why things aren’t happening as they might otherwise do.
Goldie is now less defensive than before and is having regular visits to a group of guinea pigs. All she needs now is some time to move forward and I am certain that any social issues will sort themselves out. It has been useful to know her background and have the input of her previous owners who have been spot on regarding her character etc. I just wonder how many of the other ‘difficult to find a friend for’ guineas that I have had here have gone through similar circumstances.
Luckily Goldie’s previous owners knew her well and that the death of her sister had brought about a big change in her, hence the reason for seeking help. However, it isn’t death that brings about the change in guinea pigs, it is the way that Humans handle the death. Guineas in their balanced state are much more emotionally stable than Humans and if allowed to acknowledge the death will move forward with their little lives.
hellocloudGoldie says ‘hello’ to her new friends that will help her to move forward and find new friends and a new home.

Red Nose Day Update…

As of the 7 March Planet Gorgeous have raised £43 towards their target figure of £50! That is just in a wheek people, how generous are you all! £1.50 from each Party Pack of Fun sold goes to Comic Relief.

This will be added to our Planet Gorgeous fundraising page here: Planet Gorgeous for Comic Relief where you can give more towards our target too!


Let’s Popcorn for Comic Relief!


Time to let you in on our fundraising idea! Planet Guinea and Gorgeous Guineas (also known as The Planet Gorgeous!) have put together the Planet Gorgeous Red Nose Day Party Pack to raise money for Red Nose Day and bring foraging fun into the lives of guineas!

The pack contains 5 large Red Stripe Bags of Fun and one 45ml bottle of the limited edition Happy Souls shampoo.

To get Guinea in the mood for fun start with a pampurring session in this stimulating shampoo containing Lemon which is said to dispel the lack of a sense of humour! A vital ingredient for Red Nose Day 🙂

Put the hay racks to one side and go fill a Bag of Fun with some of your finest hay and let guinea do the rest. Shy guineas may need some persuasion to participate- simply hide Dill/Parsley/Coriander or freshly picked grass in the hay and let their noses suss the rest out!

Packs can be purchased from Planet Guinea and Gorgeous Guineas. Lets all Popcorn for Comic Relief (and get down to some serious soul cleansing with Happy Souls), see our fundraising page at The Planet Gorgeous if you’d prefer to just donate (but why miss out on the fun?!) or maybe you’re a really generous person and want to donate as well 🙂

For more fun go to and join in the party 🙂

Whatever you do just remember: ‘don’t be glum, have Bags of Fun!’.

Karen (quite a Happy Soul really). allofus