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Mr. Magic, the black, fuzzy star on Planet Guinea…

This wheek Mr Magic left us to become a star on Planet Guinea. Mr. M arrived in June 2007, a rather scrawny boy who had been having issues with his cage mate. A frantic call from his Human one wheekend was the beginning of their surrender and their time to move on in their little lives 🙂

Mr M and Ben had been purchased from a large pet shop chain and the Humans were told that they would live together amicably as they had been together from a young age, and for 2 years this was very true. One wheekend however they started to fight. The Human was advised to give them time to settle down again, but the boys were not having any of it. That wheek the Humans needed to weigh up their options:

Keep them in split accomadation=- that was out because there was no room for side by side cages,

Keep one boar and surrender the other to a rescue, get the remaining boar castrated and adopt a sow,

The little Humans couldn’t decide what to do and the big Humans said it was only fair that both guineas went. Both Little Humans came to say goodbye to their beloved charges and shed a tear for them despite being reassured that this was probably the best thing all round.

The boys were successfully castrated and not long after Ben was adopted and is still living happily in his Forever Home.

Mr. M went to live with Tiffany, then with Martha when Tiff was rehomed. Lately he kept Sweet Harmony company when she gave birth to Big Bertha, and when Solo needed some male company Mr. M provided it. But Solo got a little too, how shall we say, enthusiastic, for Mr M and he went to live with 6 Gorgeous Girlies. Angel would groom him, whether he liked it or not, Scarlett would snuggle up to him and Genie gave him food fights till the end.

Mr. M was found by the Human on Planet Guinea, laid in the box house with all the girls standing round him and Scarlett laid next to him.

If you look out at the stars Mr M is the black, fuzzy one with a light streak across it and undefined edges that just seems to hang in the sky then suddenly makes a very definite movement- definite yet not hurried.

Karen (Still sneaking extra Coriander, Parsley and Dill into the Girls’ pen for Mr Magic) 😦