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New People

After only having Captain Sensible and Topper residing on Planet Guinea as Guests our numbers are back up again. Both Thistle and Sprowston Guinea Pig Rescues are full up with guineas, the least we could do was invite a few of them down here to stay. Two of the girls, Lady Penelope and Miss Nosey, have already found a home )

Little Miss Curious, who has been here for 2 years now, is going to stay with us. I think she deserves some stability in her life. She has had quite a few hutchmates over the years (but only the ones she likes;) ) . Miss C has settled in well with Ginger and his wives and can even be ‘dominant’ now without attacking someone, a first for Miss C.

Something to ponder… why can’t the clocks go back 25 hours instead of one? Much more useful!



Hello world!

The Pig Issue will publish stories about The Guests that arrive on Planet Guinea. We believe every Guinea has a story to tell and that somewhere in that story a Human has been educated in the guinea pig way ) Some stories are longer than others, some are horror stories, some criminal stories but all the stories end happily when the guineas leave here to live in their Forever Homes.

If you have adopted a guinea pig from Reading Guinea Pig Rescue please send us their names and we will add their story. You can update us using the comments facility )

From time to time we will publish other relevant entries so no criticism for going off track please!

Karen, the Human on Planet guinea