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From Scabby to Gorgeous in Three Wheeks

This was written not long after Mr. Melt arrived. He has now completely recovered and is in search of his Forever home.
Mr Melt arrived via the Inspector with Martha, a possibly pregnant sow. Their Human surrendered them because she could no longer cope with the sheer volume of animals she had.

On arrival Mr Melt had scabby, flaky skin that was irritating him.

A Gorgeous Guineas Melt was given straight away to soothe his skin.

On day one he had his Gorgeous Guineas Melt, his grease gland was cleaned with Swarfega and he had a bath in Lice N Easy shampoo.

48 hours later Mr. Melt had some Ivomec to kill off the burrowing mites.

He nibbled on some carrot before hiding in the house in his cage, that was the last we saw of him that day.

On day two he discovered the other guinea pigs that were around him and sat at the edge of his cage waiting for a glimpse of them. He also discovered his bowl of Cavy Cuisine that needed refilling 3 times in his first full day here. Now he rarely uses his houses and though he is still a little unsure of Humans he has found his voice and will watch whats going on in the shed without the need to hide away.

The pimples on the skin were evidence that burrowing mites were present, also causing much discomfort for the guinea pig resulting in scratching. We recommend a monthly bath in Gorgeous Guineas shampoo to keep mites and other parasites under control.

It’s probable that the mites originated in the dirty grease gland. A monthly clean with Swarfega would have eliminated this problem.

There were lots of little sores all over his body, the mites had infested his head too, causing him to scratch to try and relieve the discomfort.

After shampooing the Melt off things were looking better already.

Louse debris was also present in the hair indicating the presence of lice. The broken hairs are due to parasitic activity on the skin.

The grease gland looked cleaner and less attractive to mites after using Swarfega to break down the grease then simply shampooing it off.

The Melt provided immediate relief- no need for bandages or wraps when there is no irritation 🙂

Gorgeous Guineas Lavender and Myrrh Lotion was applied to the sores and surrounding skin to continue the relief and keep the area moist.

Mr. Melt 3 wheeks later…