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The New Wheekers

On the first of July Sienna gave birth to 3 lovely little mini pigs, two are black and cream and the other black and red. All went well it seems and Sienna had cleared up every bit of evidence that a birth had happened by the time I discovered them, despit the babes still being wet.

All 3 of the babies like to fall asleep in my hand. They close their eyes tightly and are out for the count. This is the first time I’ve had this happen with babies and it was quite eerie! I did have to keep checking them at first to make sure they were still breathing.

All started to eat hay from day one, but will now tuck into anything. I haven’t seen them feed from Mum today but I’m sure they have while hidden under a fiddlestix.

Mr Marvellous is being a great surrogate Dad and is helping with grooming. Precious plays chase with them as well as taking on the more mature role of grooming them too. Sienna is a complete Mumsy Mum and was feeding them soon after they were born, putting her own needs last. This is in stark contrast to Sweet Harmony and Chantilly who were more concerned for their own welfare than their pups (it seemed) and didn’t gather them up until they were ready.

Karen (fingers crossed this is the last of the mini-pigs- despite them being soooo cute)

Sienna and the babies on day 5.