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Chase was born here in 2004 with her brother Scoot. Mum Jasmine was being kept in overcrowded conditions which she was eventually rescued from by a social worker who notified the RSPCA.
Chase was a lively baby hence her name, she was never far behind her brother, Scoot, often chasing around the hutch. Scoot was rehomed when he was 8 wheeks old with another boar, but no one had even looked at Chase.

At 10 wheeks she developed a strage wheezing noise. A visit to Uncle James, our vet, revealed that she had Mycoplasmic Pneumonia, a type of respiratory tract inflammation.
In the summer of 2005 a couple came to view some guineas and chose Chase and Harry as a pair they would like to own. They were informed of Chase’s condition and the rehoming went ahead. Unfortunately for Chase and Harry one of the humans developed an allergy to guinea pigs and both were returned after spending only two wheeks in their new home.

In 2006 Chase was chosen by Chester as his Forever Pal and she went to live with him and his Humans until he was taken from them. Primrose was introduced to Chase and for a few months they lived happily together. Pimrose went to be a Star on Planet Guinea shortly afterwards though, leaving Chase on her own; her Humans weren’t in a position to keep Guineas anymore and decided that the unselfish thing to do would be to let Chase find a home with another friend so Chase returned to Planet Guinea in August 2007.

Until December 2007 Chase was completely overlooked, this little lady has looks and personality that was not recognized by any of the Humans that came here. Until, that is, some concern was expressed about the well being of the Gorgeous Marbles should Florence, his beautiful wife, leave him. The obvious solution would be to adopt a friend that Florence approved of so that in the event of anyone passing on no one would be left alone.

Chase was taken for her meeting with Marbles and Florence, the whole meeting really hinged on the reaction between Florence and Chase. In no way was Florence’s nose to be put out of joint. Chase made herself right at home straight away but was suitably submissive when need be without losing any ground. As her Guardian Human I had no reservations about Chase, but she needed to prove herself to her new Human and her new friends, I am more than happy that she has done this, what’s more she has gone to live with two other guineas from Reading Guinea Pig Rescue, one of whom was the first ever to be adopted by Gorgeous Guineas from RGPR and the start of a very important friendship


Kate and Moss

Kate and Moss arrived via our local Inspector when they were surrendered to the RSPCA after being dumped on a doorstep. Fortunately the owners of the doorstep did the right thing by calling for help. Kate is thought to be Moss’ mum. She is a silver agouti and white girl, very pretty and extremely friendly. She is painfully out of condition though, sometimes common with new mums that haven’t been fed correctly in pregnancy. She’s making up for lost time though and loves burrowing in and eating hay as well as devouring greens and carrots- not too fussy about celery though :/

Moss is a cheeky chappy who isn’t backward in coming forward- bags of character for one so small ) He loves to climb on top of his fiddlestix then Wheek at the top of his voice. He too is very handsome- a black, cream and white boy and sooo in your face.

Whether or not these People were surplus to the season we shall never know. At least their humans didn’t dump them where there was no chance of them being found. These days there are lots of rescues around and though most will be full there is a good network that will find somewhere for unwanted pets- no need for dumping.

Unfortunately of course I have no idea how old little Moss is, so will have to err on the side of caution and separate him from Kate sooner rather than later. Whether or not they keep their names remains to be seen, Moss has earned the nickname Hoover because of the way he devours his Cavy Performance!<!–[if gte vml 1]> <![endif]–><!–[if !vml]–><!–[endif]–>

Karen (trying to keep up with the demand for new names and failing miserably)

Just Another Winter’s Tale…

‘The nights are colder now.
maybe I should close the door,
And anyway the snow has
covered all your footsteps
And I can follow you no more.
The fire still burns at night,
my memories are warm and clear;
but everybody knows
it’s hard to be alone at this time of year.
It was only a winter’s tale,
Just another winter’s tale,
And why should the world take notice

of one more home that’s failed?

Winter arrived at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue via a friendly neighbour who noticed that her companion had died and Winter now had no means of warmth. She was living outside in a hutch in subzero temperatures (the first lot we had this year) and no bedding except newspaper, no hay and very little food.
Her coat resembled dreadlocks and on the backend it has needed to be severely cut back, but it will grow again. Before her trim she had a Gorgeous Guineas CocoNeem Melt which was shampooed off with Gorgeous Guineas Manuka and Neem shampoo followed by Posh N Go. This was more to get rid of the stench of urine than anything else, it was quite awful.
Winter lives in her own cage next to another pen with guineas in and chats through the bars, but is finding it difficult at the moment to socialise with the others, although she is making steady progress.
As for hay she is making more than good progress when it comes to munching through that, and it took longer for her to get used to the different veggies she is being fed.
She should be ready for rehoming from the end of January providing she gains some social skills.
… in the slightly changed words of the David Essex song, ‘why should the world take notice of one more home that’s failed?’