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Golden Years…

closeupUrsula, one of the Brightest and Biggest Stars.

Tonight the sky will be even brighter on Planet Guinea, the Gorgeous Ursula has gone to be a Star . Now there are two very bright stars with white strips. When you’re looking for Ursula she’s the one with the longer strip of light. She’s always there commanding authority in a silent way, but tends to linger at the back waiting for a later opportunity to come forward. Ursula’s star moves gregariously around the skyΒ  as if making a bid for freedom πŸ™‚
Ursula’s Humans contacted me in 2004 when they could no longer keep her and her friend. Although I was full up I was in contact with a Human that had a lone Senior pig who was looking for friends and Ursula and friend went to live with them.

Three years later Ursula arrived here again, she was now the lone guinea looking for company; her Humans were moving and as devoted as they were thought it would be in Ursula’s best interests to stay in the Reading area. Ursula was now 6 years old, though a very spritely 6 year old, she went to live with one of my groups.

After finding a broken tooth on Ursula, I noticed her breath was smellyΒ  when I was checking her mouth, although the regrowth of the new tooth was good it hadn’t been growing fast enough (should have been back to normal nearly) and it was wobbly- but not enough to come out.

So Ursula went to visit Jenny who swiftly removed the offending tooth with a pair of rongeurs and not a peep from Ursula :) There was a bit of blood but no pus thankfully. Ursula’s took some Baytril and Probiotics and some Rimadyl for pain relief. Oh, and plenty of Comfort food ;)

Ursula was particularly fussy about food and had days of preferring different foods- nearly always the Phosphorus heavy ones. During her last few months on Planet Guinea I gave her what she wanted, if that was just baby corn all day then baby corn it was. She always ate her dry food although her hay intake had dropped dramatically. In her previous home Ursula was given Yogurt drops, daily and routinely. They were an expected part of her day, so much so that when she came back here for the second time around and nasal gazed at me whenever I came into the shed sooo expectantly I contacted her previous owner about it. This was when I found out about the yogurt drops and we concluded that she was waiting to be given them! Instead she was gently off them with apple, not the best food ever but better than yogurt drops. Apple was to become Ursula’s favourite food, where there was apple there was Ursula πŸ™‚

Ursula’s Incisor never did grow back, and she was over 8 and a half when she left us, she had minimal dental work done; for the most part filing but occasional trimming was needed. The word minimal and Ursula don’t go together, Urs was BIG in every way, a BIG prescence.

Ursula also came along to Piggy PMs up until the age of 7 to show off her 3 Incisors and just how efficiently could eat with them πŸ™‚ Ursula is also a calendar girl for Guinea Pig Welfare.

Ursula’s decision to become a Star can only have a BIG impact… The sky on Planet Guinea is a brighter place now they have you πŸ™‚

Karen (Missing her Golden Girl, BIGtime πŸ™‚ )


Ursula, summer, 2008 πŸ™‚


Blowing a Gale through the Forest…

Gale and Forest are Molly’s sisters, the three little girls born to Krystal and Gem whose story appears earlier on in The Pig Issue.

The 3 girls were still suckling from mums at 4 wheeks old so I decided to separate them! The girls went to live with Heath, a youthful boy born here last October. This would also be good for Molly who wasΒ  provisionally reserved to go and live with Mr Melt and Friends, pending guinea pig approval.galesept13 Gale

The move went ultra smoothly, not problem. The next step was to separate Molly from her sisters, to make the move smoother for Molly she got to stay with Heath and her sisters got to live with Twig- Heath’s brother. Expecting great trauma at this point I was extremely surprised at the reaction to the split, or perhaps I should say lack of reaction! No calling to each other or pining, nothing! Lots of noise, these are vocal girls after all, but only the usual ‘feed me’ wheeks etc.

When Eclipse arrived at RGPR I decided to put him with the Squeaky Girls, Gale and Forest. Twig went to live with Krystal and Gem who made their feelings clear regarding frisky young boars from the start πŸ™‚ The change in behaviour towards Eclipse was quite something. Gale and Forest happily played with the younger Twig and Forest was often seen sitting on him, something she would do to Gem and Krystal. But Eclipse commanded respect from the moment they met. It was a silent command but very evident. The girls were almost like guilty schoolgirls who were half sure they had been found out. Things are mopre relaxed now and there have been some food fights but that air of respect is apparent.

Forest and Gale are funtime girls who would like a large cage for zooming please. Their new Human must be sensible and not be tempted to give in to them, they are very cute but also clever, their Human will be twice as clever and one step ahead of them!

Being slightly deaf would be a benefit too, their wheek is incredibly high and just happens at random times, optimistically…



Where there’s Hope… the sky shimmers :)

hopegrassGorgeous Hope went to join the other shiny stars on Planet Guinea last wheek. Hope is the incredibly LARGE Star sprawled across the night sky, shining down on Planet Guinea. She is very shiny and bright but has a dark patch. Life was for hoping more food would be along shortly, when it did arrive it was never enough…

Hope arrived at the London Show via a breeder who delivered her from the Midlands and some friends that had seen Hope and some other Satins in a pet shop. At the time I was looking for pet quality satins, breeders had been kind enough to give me purebreds but had no pets to give me and I wanted to compare the two regarding Osteodystrophy. That was 3 years ago and for a while it seemed that Hope was pregnant, but that was just her shape πŸ™‚

Hope was undemanding but always stood her ground if she was challenged by anyone. Lately she has been the model for the Planet Guinea Cereal Grasses, has been featured in calendars and has done some Piggy PMs.

Karen (missing the little choc nose in the dry feed bowl πŸ™‚ )