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Jobshare on Planet Guinea


New arrivals on Planet Guinea mean that a jobshare has been created 🙂 Krystal and Gem are both excellent mothers doing a fine job at the local Kid Zone. Between them they look after 3 pups who move around the hutch in a trio and from sow to sow in a trio.

On arriving home Molly, Forest and Gale had been born along with their sister who was asleep and still in her sack, despite breaking the sack and warming her up Big sister did not survive 😦

At this time Gem was obviously straining and had been so for nearly 30 minutes which is far too long. On picking her up it was apparent she was giving birth to a pup that was breech, a twist of the hand, and the force of gravity Bigger baby sister was out, but very dead 😦 A very definite lump that wasn’t moving meant that another pup was inside and needed to come out fast.

A call to the local Guinea Cab Service had us going over the speed bumps up to the surgery and not long before arrival the pup was born. Mum didn’t remove the sack but seemed interested in what was going on, I did it for her and handed her back the pup but further examination in the surgery showed no heartbeat and eyes that were glassy 😦

She was put back in with Gem and Gale and came back to Planet Guinea.

The smallest pup was Gale at 99g, then Forest at 103g and Molly was 106g.

Life is for living, eating, feeding from whoever’s on duty and learning about the world around them 🙂

Karen (not making a drama out of a crisis 🙂 )

5 August 2009: These cheeky little girls are still trying to drink from their Mums at 5 weeks of age despite being told to ‘get lost’ in no uncertain guinea pig terms. Yesterday they were introcuded to Heath a young castrated boar who is much more playful than Krystal and Gem who are enjoying their well earned break 🙂



Goldie Moves on Up!


When Goldie first arrived she found socialising with other guineas incredibly difficult, she progressed to spending short amounts of time in a run with an established group of guineas who were indifferent to her presence.

When she was comfortable with the run time she lived next door to Cloud’s Crew and eventually chose her own time to move in with them 🙂

Recently she has mixed with Cooper’s Girls, a group with different dynamics to cloud’s, and settled in immediately. This wheek she met the gorgeous Eclipse to see if they would be compatible enough to be life long pals. This meant meeting 3 other unfamiliar sows as well as Eclipse, for the first time, she handled it like there had never been any issues with meeting new pig 🙂

Unfortunately it wasn’t Goldie’s time to find a Forever Home, but she is moving on uptowards finding it now 🙂

Karen, (Pleased that Goldie not only has some friends now, but she has the tools to carry on with her little life 🙂 )

11 July: Goldie met Digger and Roza to see if she could join them in Piggy Paradise, how could she refuse! Nose went straight in the bowl and then she went over to the Block Bottom Bag of Fun (all be it a tight squeeze), Goldie has put in an order for a Boar and Sow pack of Bags of Fun from Planet Guinea, they allow for the chunkier pig and those who prefer to relax in a certain way 🙂

We wish Goldie the best of luck in her new home and can’t believe how quickly she has gone from the frightened little sow that didn’t want to live with anyone to a laid back lady who will stand her ground but doesn’t retaliate, previously any fear was shown by aggression towards others.

Karen 🙂

An Aura on The Planet

On 2 July an aggressive form of cancer decided that Aura should be a Star on Planet Guinea. Aura is the smoky grey star with soft edges and some lighter patches.

Aura was diagnosed with the cancer some wheeks agowhen it started to take over her body, some veterinary medicines and complimentary therapies as recommended by our vet kept it at bay for a little longer than would normally be expected. For a couple of wheeks the lumps and hardness that could be felt in her body went away and a very different Aura was revealed, Iam sure this was due to the complimentary therapy ahe was receiving, myonly wish it that I could have used it sooner, but Aura was a very happy little guinea in her last wheeks 🙂

Aura only arrived here last year but has done a Piggy PM and took part in the syringe feeding demos and ‘how to give a guinea a tablet’ demo 🙂  She has also been part of something new and exciting that we have been trialling 🙂

Karen (Who has sooo many long haired stars on Planet Guinea 🙂 )