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Nibbles :(

Nibbles left us yesterday afternoon to become a Star on Planet Guinea.

She’s the one that hangs above the others and has a slight reddish
tinge to her.

Nibs was aged anything from 6 – 7 years going on the info we were
given. She nearly didn’t come and stay on Planet Guinea. One evening
the Inspector phoned and asked me to take in a group of guineas as he
had had some surrendered to him. I was very full and said I couldn’t
take them. Luckily our Inspector had other ideas and told me he wasn’t
leaving the house without them as the people concerned could change
their minds by the time he’d found somewhere for them. So a group of 5
sows and 3 boars arrived on a crowded Planet Guinea (is it ever
anything else?!). The boars went to different RSPCA centres the very
next day, Kent being one of them!

Nibbles had an abdominal abscess (not to mention cardiac arrest) but
went on to spend a summer here fund raising at school fairs and a vet
surgery refurbishment. No one offered her a home in the Reading area,
she appeared in the Telegraph and was offered an out of area home
though… Her appeal also raised interest in the rescue from people
nationwide, and we received questions from ‘can my guinea have celery?’
to more complex ones. Only last year she took part in a Reiki lecture,
we hope she has benefited from the Reiki offered her through good times
and more lately. But most of all I hope she remembered her 2 summers
here and not the rubbish start to life that she had.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored Nibbles and for raising money for the
rescue, we hope you will transfer your donations/sponsorship to another
deserving Guinea )

Nibs was one of the girls and after her op although she wouldn’t live
with her previous friends she soon bonded with the Residents here.
Maybe she was destined to stay after all and sensed that with them
there was a kind of permanence.

I still miss her little nose pushing to the front for food, and begging
if its not coming fast enough.

Karen (looking for that little red nose…)