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Reach Up For The Stars…

… and you may find Miss C.bag of fun

Yesterday Little Miss Curious went to be a Star on Planet Guinea, she is the light one with a bright patch on her that is always near the front and continually moving- almost ‘bouncing’.

Miss C came to Planet Guinea as a guest in 2004 after a large local RSPCA rescue, although there were lots of boars here there weren’t many sows and we decicided to help out by taking in a few from the rescue. Boars and sows had been running together and most sows were pregnant. Miss C may have had and raised a litter or even gotten seperated from her babies in the rescue as there were around a 100 guineas involved, but lets stick to the facts. Miss C and what was thought to be her sister (because they looked alike) came here along with some other sows, all were kept until the chance of pregnancy had passed and then offered for rehoming. Her age was thought to be around 4 months on arrival because of her size but she hardly grew anymore so it remains unknown…

Miss C was starting to take a dislike to the guineas she was with and was only happy with one of the boars here. They lived happily together in a pair and were advertised as a pair looking for a home together.

Eventually the boar, Lewis, was offered a home but Miss C was not, as they had been here a year it seemed unfair to deprive him of his Forever Home, so off he went. In the meantime Miss C was paired with various guineas but never offered a home. After 24 months enough was enough and I put her in with Ginger’s girls, a gentle group who were accepting of her prescence and she soon settled down, quite suprising as previously she had gone for guinea’s necks regardless of gender, all except for the lovely Lewis. Miss C seemed to find a sense of belonging with her new group of friends which brought about security for her 🙂

When Ginger went to be a Star on Planet Guinea Cloud became the boar of the group, Miss C took an instant liking to Cloud and made herself his number one sow. The transformation in this little person over 4 years was amazing to see, she was now confident to tell sows their place without having a full on fight as before.

Her way with other guineas was almost Human, if someone was in the way she raised her front paw and tapped them on the rump until they moved, Miss C never nipped after being integrated into the group.

Miss C was not a cuddle pig and didn’t go to vet visits and the like, she didn’t ‘do’ sitting and cuddling though she would ‘ask’ to be picked up but then tug at your clothes until you put her down. She lived in a walk in pen and would frequently sit and chew the bottoms of my jeans or walk over my feet. She did appear on calendars, cards and the Bags of Fun stickers, Miss C was a party guinea and loved the Thin Bags of Fun- great for sitting in and eating your way out, or if it got too much simply tear your way out!

The only way to learn about guineas is through experience, thanks Miss C for everything you’ve taught me, especially the behaviour stuff, most useful 🙂

Karen (Reaching for the Stars)



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and yours! 🙂

We start the year on Planet Guinea full up with rescues and having turned away 39 guinea pigs last month(from pet homes, not breeders). Let’s hope 2009 doesn’t turn out how we started it then 🙂 .

Full up is 18 guineas ready for rehoming and one undergoing treatment. I have abandoned the idea of a waiting list because there is no guarantee when places will be vacant, still contact me if you have a guinea(s) from me that need rehoming, and I’m happy to point you in the direction of other rescues too, just can’t guarantee there’ll be any space :).

sideMr. Big who was born here last year weighing in at just 44g has found his Forever Home with Duchess, Marigold and Katie, also from RGPR 🙂

Karen, (looking forward to 2009 on Planet Guinea 🙂 )