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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

On Thursday 11 December Little Marsh left us to become a star on Planet Guinea. He’s the little one that sparkles.

Marsh would have been just 8 weeks old on Sunday. He is the smallest guinea pig I’ve had born here that has lived past a week old, he weighed in at just 35g. Although it wasn’t apparent from a distance Marsh didn’t have any eyeballs, though he had lids… It just looked like his eyes were sealed tightly closed. He saw Sally (vet) who confirmed that they were non existent.

Marsh simply lived life, he popcorned, he zoomed, he wheeked and he eat well- there was nothing wrong with his mouth (and I checked his teeth regularly!).

Marsh knew that his Life measured 4 foot by 2 foot, felt warm, sounded like guineas munching and chatting, smelt like good hay and tasted of Coriander. It was having 4 little brothers to play with, it felt soft and was fun to zoom once you’d got the hang of using your whiskers 🙂 Who needs eyes when there’s no enemies to prey on you?

It’s sad when you lose someone that’s spent their whole life with you, no matter how short…

Karen (counting stars)