A Lucky Guinea? Define Lucky!

basketRGPR have recently taken in an extremely distressed guinea pig with multiple problems. She had been ‘rescued’ from a ‘free to good home’ advert along with a large group of guinea pigs. However her behaviour led her new owner to enquire about the gender of his new pig. When put in with the other pigs she became very controlling and displayed boar like behaviour.

There was no aggression from her but her behaviour led to friction amongst other members of the group. Along with rumblestrutting she was mounting the sows, walking around making ‘boar noises’, yet would squirt urine (sow like behaviour) at the castrated boar in the group.   The sow was confirmed as a sow despite this behaviour but her Human was unable to keep her as she was causing upset in the group.

As she was in poor condition and suffering from mites (a sign of stress perhaps?) and probable hormonal problems she came into rescue. Her new home was a Cavy Cage on her own next to a large group of well socialised guineas who took no notice of her.  The next day she visited our vet. She was described as being in ‘poor condition’ and having mites.

  • A Gorgeous Guineas Melt and shampoo was advised as the first step in her treatment (Cost: approximately £25 for a full course, including Manuka and Neem shampoo, CocoNeem Melt, and Lavender and Myrrh Lotion),
  • Xeno 450 Spot On treatment for mites (£29.92 for one pack of 6, Little Miss Lucky will need two of those- approximate cost £10),

Consultation fee £22.24, total cost so far: £57.24.

She will be returning to the vet who suspects there may be a hormonal problem too. Gorgeous Guineas have offered to fund her treatment for any skin problems.   Money can be thrown at those problems, but there is a lot of distress going on with this little sow, she is not finding socialising easy at all.

However, she is going to remain here until she can be part of a herd and then move on to finding a friend that she can be rehomed with. There is no question of her being rehomed to live on her own or ‘within sight’ of other guinea pigs. That would be ignoring the obvious issues that she has and is against the RGPR policy of ‘quality not quantity’.   Chrissie, of Gorgeous Guineas, who has met her, has named her Little Miss Lucky.

Karen (wondering how many more Little Miss Lucky’s are being pushed from pillar to post with no real regard for their wellbeing 😦 )


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